Packed the crock pot


I accidentally packed the crock pot.

I thought mama had more than one.  And I have no idea where it is in the garage.

Wellllll……I’ll just keep you posted on the garden.

Anyone care to share one of their recipes?

It was a slow start and hmmm…..well, the lettuce looks good.

Take a peek.


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We can never get enough black beans.
Here’s just one of the versions we’ve tried.
No picture because WE ATE THEM ALL!

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I never know how to season anything.

Soooo….I experiment.

This time, the experimenting with spices got way out of hand.

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Garden Planted!

I didn’t even do a post about thanking all the soldiers and men and women who have sacrified for our country on Memorial Day. I was swimming in garden. And I am very thankful for the fact that I am able to do that.

How the day looked in pictures:


Our fingernails. Ick.

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Okay, the first set of seeds I over watered and most of them rotted, all the beans did. Lesson number 1, do not let your seeds sit in water while waiting for sprouts, not even a bit of water. The paper towel need only be DAMP!

Lo and behold though, a week later when I went to throw them out, I found quite a few sprouted! Surprise!

I started repeats of the seeds I’d drowned. Though I did not drown this lot, many still did not sprout. IMG_4132


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I have pork loin but I don’t have potatoes. I’m sifting through the fridge and I find squash. Lots of baby squash I forgot I had. If I don’t use them soon, I’ll lose them. Hmm….pork loin and squash? What the heck, let’s give it a try. This is what I did:

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