I never know how to season anything.

Soooo….I experiment.

This time, the experimenting with spices got way out of hand.

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Garden Planted!

I didn’t even do a post about thanking all the soldiers¬†and men and women who have sacrified for our country on Memorial Day. I was swimming in garden. And I am very thankful for the fact that I am able to do that.

How the day looked in pictures:


Our fingernails. Ick.

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Okay, the first set of seeds I over watered and most of them rotted, all the beans did. Lesson number 1, do not let your seeds sit in water while waiting for sprouts, not even a bit of water. The paper towel need only be DAMP!

Lo and behold though, a week later when I went to throw them out, I found quite a few sprouted! Surprise!

I started repeats of the seeds I’d drowned.¬†Though I did not drown this lot, many still did not sprout.¬†IMG_4132


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I have pork loin but I don’t have potatoes. I’m sifting through the fridge and I find squash. Lots of baby squash I forgot I had. If I don’t use them soon, I’ll lose them. Hmm….pork loin and squash? What the heck, let’s give it a try. This is what I did:

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Makes 2 dozen plus a baby dozen (in one of those baby trays). Bakes for 15 minutes.

I say front yard because¬†that’s where I picked the hickory nuts! This was our first winter in Wisconsin and I didn’t outsmart the squirrels this year, but next year I’ll be ready. Hickory nuts covered¬†our front yard, but I didn’t actually get out to pick them until about October. Hmmm. By October, there weren’t many left. The squirrels, chipmunks and mice cleaned out 75% of the yard. #$%^!

I picked all that were left. About 25% of those nuts contained weevils! Eeek! Most of them climbed out onto the baking pan as soon as I brought them in to dry out. Then the cracking and cleaning began. Between the baby, dinner, errands, and life—-the only time I had to sit and crack was late in the evenings when the baby slept, the husband’s feet soaked, lunch sat prepared in the fridge and dinner was well put away. Needless to say, this didn’t happen often.

Then my hands began to give me trouble. So, he cracked and I cleaned. Many times I had to wait on him to crack more as I’d ¬†already finished my lot. So I started in October and FINISHED in March! It only took me 5 months! But I gained two full containers (though small) of FREE HICKORY NUTS! What fun– FREE food I found¬†in our yard! YAY!

This is how I made them!

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We fed her all winter long but there was no composting going on in -18 degree weather. Our kitchen scraps set frozen in her belly. But the snow has officially melted and the green grass spreads across the yard.


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We’re excited to see how things grow here in Wisconsin. Our two gardens in St. Marys, Georgia produced an amazing array of vegetables but fighting off the bugs from an organic garden proved almost fruitless. The bugs consumed over half of the garden in our back yard. Ugh! I was also too sick from pregnancy to fight. Talk about sea sickness! Ha! I wasn’t even the one in the Navy.

Sooo‚Ķ.here in Wisconsin. Well, let’s see. Everything I’ve looked up says start seeds around St. Patrick’s Day in southern Wisconsin. Well‚Ķ.¬†I couldn’t get myself together by then and the honey was busy working 12 hour days.



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