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“My mom makes it like this.”
“Well, my mom makes it like this.”
“Yeah, but your mom hates to cook and my mom doesn’t.”
Hmm….who won that argument?

We always make things the way my mom made them because I’m the one in the kitchen making it! I posted how my mom makes a roast on the Roast, carrots and potatoes post a few posts back. But Matt said to me the other day, “But don’t you like how my mom makes roast? It’s just as easy as you mom’s version.”

And it is. It also isn’t quite as rich, and I think my mom would love it. So, I’m not telling either mom I’m putting this up, and let’s see which mom catches it first! 🙂

End result



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Matthew and I have been on the Mediterranean diet kick since we got married. Let’s get it straight, we’re not on a diet, period. But we’ve tried to incorporate as much food as we can that is served in the Mediterranean. They tend to live longer, thinner, happier lives than many other cultures. Obsessed with Roman culture, if Matthew were given the chance to go back in time but had to give up everything in his present life, including me, I think he’d do it!

Though we’re in the middle of summer, we’re still crock-potting and eating fabulous foods–soups, stews and chilis. We haven’t melted yet.

Served with feta cheese, plain yogurt, red wine and pita! Just lovely if I do say so myself.


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