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Thrown together at my brother-in-law’s house the morning we moved in, I swiped his crock pot for a couple of days. During all the confusion and unpacking of our latest military move, the crock pot meal was a God-send. Even one of the movers leaned in and smelled, trying not to lift the lid.

“You know ma’am, it smells so good, I just have to ask. What are you cooking in there?”

We found make-shift bowls and used plastic spoons I’d kept from a fast food restaurant for future camping trips! Unfortunately amid all the unpacking, I forgot to take a picture of the final product. But the fact it so quickly disappeared is proof of how delicious it was.

This one always turns out creamy and hearty. The green chiles give it just the right amount of tangy bite. It’s the ultimate comfort food. For me anyway! ┬áMakes me wish I was from Louisiana…..

smoked sausage


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