Growing up, mama used to always put spaghetti in the chili. From rural Kentucky, she grew up eating it this way. I always thought it was because mama grew up poor and the spaghetti made the chili go farther with her six brothers and sisters.


But I’ve found a few other places sell it like this. Including Sky Line Chili. Maybe it wasn’t something my creative cooker of a grandmother created, after all. (This wasn’t the mean grandmother, this was the one who spoke like a sailor.)

This chili I borrowed from Betty Crocker (bless her) and then added a few things she didn’t. If you’d like to see her original recipe, just click here. Otherwise, check out my varied version.
Happy Chili cooking!


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One of my grandma’s recipes I converted to the crock pot!

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I usually make this in the oven, but you know I just had to try it in the crock pot! It worked!

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So, my mama was coming to visit and I like to try to impress her with lots of different dishes that are easy to make. She’s a real “meat and potatoes” kind of girl who likes plain things, so if I make something spicy or complicated, it had better taste good. Because….well, don’t we all aim to please our mothers a bit? Don’t we want them to be proud and take a bite and say, “Well, look at what a little chef you turned out to be?” Yeah, well, I do.

So, I made this:


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Lentil score!

I finally did it. I made lentils soooo good, I could kiss myself! Hooray! Hooray! I should throw a party. Only took me 3 years.

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Cooks quickly and has cheese in it. Any questions?

cheesy crockpot

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The old me would say, “I can’t even pronounce it, there’s no way I can cook it.” The new me says, “Try anything.” (IN THE CROCK POT!) Turned out beautiful, colorful and highly nutritious. I had some fresh green beans that were about to go, so as my grandmother (the one who wasn’t a fabulous cook but did raise and feed 7 children) would say, “Throw it in there. No need to waste.”


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